2014-03-04 Robert Campbell dummy lang string. master
2014-03-04 Robert Campbell bump version.
2012-12-18 Robert Campbell minor.
2012-12-18 Robert Campbell Adds ability to clone nodes.
2012-12-15 Robert Campbell Remove calls to $gCms->variables['admintheme']
2012-12-15 Robert Campbell Minor fix to session stuff.
2012-02-15 Robert Campbell Fix to createtextarea call
2012-01-26 Robert Campbell Minor fixes.
2012-01-24 Robert Campbell Fixes to overwrite aspect of import.
2011-12-05 Robert Campbell More fixes. calguy1000_editing_gui
2011-11-08 Robert Campbell Bump version.
2011-11-08 Robert Campbell Fixes.
2011-11-07 Robert Campbell oops.
2011-10-27 Robert Campbell Minor fixes.
2011-10-26 Robert Campbell Re-parenting a node now works.
2011-10-25 Robert Campbell Lots of new fine-tuning...
2011-04-21 Robert Campbell Change to synchronous ajax calls.
2011-04-21 Robert Campbell Bump version, remove referer stuff.
2011-04-15 Robert Campbell Adjust error messages, and bump version.
2011-04-15 Robert Campbell Fixes some error messages.. updates version.
2011-04-12 Robert Campbell Adds some ajaxy stuff to set the decision options into ...
2011-03-28 Robert Campbell Permissions changes.
2011-03-27 Robert Campbell Adds expand all, and contract all buttons when editing ...
2011-03-23 Robert Campbell Bump version.
2011-03-23 Robert Campbell Javascript fixes... remove commented out code.
2011-03-22 Robert Campbell woot... max_depth is not required in the db any more ...
2011-03-22 Robert Campbell Fixes problem with decision wysiwyg.
2011-03-22 Robert Campbell Saving trees now works...
2011-03-22 Robert Campbell Adds new editing functionality, and import/export funct ...
2011-01-11 SjG Version bump
2011-01-11 SjG Fix for import of single decision trees
2009-03-19 samuel Allows overwrite of existing tree on import by using ...
2009-03-07 Samuel Goldstein Prep release 0.1.3 for release into the wild.
2009-03-07 Samuel Goldstein Bumped version number, made a half-hearted attempt ...
2009-03-07 Samuel Goldstein Split out bulk of javascript file into separate file ...
2009-03-04 samuel Merge branch 'release0.1.2'
2009-03-04 samuel premerging due to stupidity and inability to revert
2009-03-04 samuel Added per-decision prompt capability, and added to ... release0.1.2
2009-03-04 Samuel Goldstein Changed XML format to be valid, so as to make easier ...
2009-03-04 Samuel Goldstein Added ignore file
2009-03-02 Samuel Goldstein Initial Import