2011-11-22 Foaly* added support for location master
2011-11-17 Foaly* applied fix for cgcalendar events without end date
2011-11-15 Foaly* ready-made for release 1.1
2011-11-15 Foaly* added webcal capabilities and fixed UDT.
2011-11-15 Foaly* finished cgcalendar integration
2011-11-13 Foaly* forgot some code on the help page ;-)
2011-11-13 Foaly* finished help page. restructured code. built query ...
2011-11-13 Foaly* prepared help page for upcoming features
2011-10-26 Foaly* iCal compatibility, check required params
2011-10-26 Foaly* corrected typos :o)
2011-10-26 Foaly* optimized code in terms of readability and compatibility
2011-10-26 Foaly* added .gitignore file and applied pear code style
2011-10-15 uniqu3 initial commit