2011-03-16 Foaly* full language integration v0.9.2
2011-03-15 Foaly* some fixes and ie support
2011-03-06 Foaly* added some stuff from master branch
2011-03-04 Foaly* added todo-list to ImageCompressor.module.php
2011-03-04 Foaly* dropped support for v<1.9 - too much work; webworkers ...
2011-02-22 Foaly* release 0.91 works fine with TC now 0.9.1
2011-02-21 Foaly* small changes of css
2011-02-21 Foaly* moved language files to work with TC
2011-02-20 Foaly* prototype alternative for CMS v<1.9. still have ajax ...
2011-02-19 Foaly* Min Version is 1.9 because jquery is used. Images are ...
2011-02-15 Foaly* Handles simultaneous requests now
2011-02-15 Foaly* Avoids errors caused by spaces in image name
2011-02-12 Foaly* initial commit. basic functionality