2012-08-12 Foaly* fixed restoring of recycled content master
2012-08-10 Foaly* whoot whoot seems to work except Pages. also there ...
2012-05-21 Foaly* ...
2012-05-21 Foaly* strict error
2012-05-21 Foaly* fixed pageback link, made restore functionality
2012-05-21 Foaly* syntax highlighted preview for code
2012-05-21 Foaly* tweaks concerning permissions and pages table
2012-05-20 Foaly* delete revisions decidedly in options tab
2012-05-20 Foaly* added several options
2012-05-20 Foaly* fallback for 1.10.3, did away with some php notices
2012-05-20 Foaly* can compare all types of content now
2012-05-18 Foaly* side by side diff view
2012-05-18 Foaly* optionstab, delete revisions when content is deleted.
2012-05-18 Foaly* tracks changes in pages, templates, gcb and css
2012-05-18 Foaly* replaced the diff class. works better now
2012-05-18 Foaly* ...
2012-05-18 Foaly* minor tweaks for 1.10.3
2012-05-17 Foaly* can preview old content revisions now.
2012-05-17 Foaly* initial commit.